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About Adelaide Pilates Equipment

Based in Welland with stock and expertise on hand, Adelaide Pilates Equipment is the sensible place for South Australians to get refined quality and unbeatable value pilates reformers and pilates equipment. Adelaide Pilates Equipment was founded in 2018 by Fiona, an experienced Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor who will strive to bring you the best in pilates reformers and pilates equipment, matched with personable and caring service,

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Align Pilates

Align Pilates are a leading UK and European Pilates brand. The value ethos of high quality at fair pricing has helped countless clinics and instructors set up their own Pilates studios at an affordable price. Setting up a successful studio, with high quality and low cost Pilates reformers and equipment is an exciting prospect, yet outside of North America the costs are extremely high - until now. Align Pilates also caters for home users, with an equally value driven range of home reformers perfect for the dedicated Pilates connoisseur. Whatever situation finds you on this page, at Adelaide Pilates we know you will be pleased with a quality Align Pilates product.

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"A very smooth reformer. Simply stunning and absolutely magic to use"

— Mairi, Kingston SE

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Why Align Pilates Reformers?

  • High quality at fair pricing, simply the best value reformers on the market. Have a look and see for yourself.

  • Studio pilates reformers, professional pilates reformers and home pilates reformers, Align Pilates offers it all.

  • Constant innovation and improvement, Align pilates reformers keep getting better and better