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Fiona is the heart and soul of Adelaide Pilates, the founder, owner and Pilates expert. A beach lover, a dog lover and an experienced Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor. Fiona is passionate about holistic health, balance, movement and Pilates! She has experienced first hand the life changing benefits of Pilates, and the role it can play in a strong, healthy and balanced life, both physically and mentally.  

Vaughn is a talented man in many things, however Pilates is not yet one of these! He is however pretty handy with numbers, finance, assembly, delivery and all those important things necessary to bring you a service as smooth as an Align Pilates reformer.  

Dulcie the Pilates Dog is a beach lover and a bone lover. When not sleeping or looking cute, Dulcie can be found getting in the way of reformer assembly, attacking reformer "fluffys" or stalking the refrigerator.


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Align Pilates is the leading pilates equipment provider in Europe and is unmatched in value when it comes to quality and price. Buy well, buy once - and reap the reward for years to come.


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Fiona and Dulcie

Fiona and Dulcie